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THEVENOT (Jean de) : RELATIONSHIP OF A TRIP TO THE ELEVANT In which it is curiously treated of the Estates subject to the Great Lord, the morals, religions, forces, governments, politics, languages, & customs of the inhabitants of this great Empire ... A PARIS, Louis Billaine, 1665.

17 by 23.5 cm. Frontispiece, title, (168)-576 pages.
First edition with a portrait of the author placed in the frontispiece, engraved by Picart after Chauveau, headbands, lettering and culs-de-lampe.


THEVENOT (Jean de): Continuation of the Voyage de Levant; in which after several very singular remarks on particularities of Egypt, Syria, () treaty of Persia, () and the antiquities of Tchelminar & other places towards the ancient Persepolis (). Paris, chez charles Angot, 1674. One volume.

17 by 23.5 cm. Title-(22)-392-(18) pages. 3 full-page plates.
Original edition.


THEVENOT (Jean de): Third part of the travels of M. de THEVENOT, containing the relation of Indostan, the new moguls, & other Peoples & Countries of the Indies. Paris, Barbin, 1684.

17 by 23.5 cm. Title-(18)-338-(19) pages, plus 4 pages of the Malabar alphabet.

First edition.

Full period binding, 5 nerves, decorated boxes, roulette on cups. Spine decorations of volume 3 slightly different from those of the first two volumes.

Very rare reunion of the three volumes of THEVENOT's travels, in original edition. Fine antique restorations on the bindings, beautiful interior condition.

THEVENOT (1633-1667) embarked in Italy in 1655 and went to Constantinople. Crossing Anatolia, he passed through Egypt, went down the Nile, then reached the Red Sea. He introduced the coffee bean to Paris, and died in Persia

The interest of this story lies in its honesty, the richness of its documentation and its depth of analysis as much as in its writing, which is as instructive as it is pleasant to read.
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