[Lyon]. GRAND-CARTERET (John). The sign.... - Lot 15 - Richard Maison de ventes

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[Lyon]. GRAND-CARTERET (John). The sign.... - Lot 15 - Richard Maison de ventes
[Lyon]. GRAND-CARTERET (John). The sign. Its history. Its philosophy. Its particularities. The stores. The houses. The street. Commercial advertising in Lyon. Vivid sketches by Gustave Girrane. Documentary prints and antique pieces. Grenoble, Librairie Dauphinoise and Moutiers, Librairie Savoyarde, 1902, in-4 of 1 color frontispiece-(10)-XXVIII-466-(1) pp. + 8 plates h.t. (2 in color); modern brown half-chagrin, spine ribbed, cover boards cons. 383 in-text illustrations. Excellent condition. Magnificent publication, decorated with 15 bistre frames, 9 out-of-text plates colored in tinted background and 222 in-text illustrations based on sketches by Gustave Girrane and 145 in-text reproductions of old prints and documents. First edition. Edition of 1250 copies. History of commercial signs and advertising. In his preface, the author sets out his purpose as follows: "General, because without going back to the Flood, without dealing with the Romans, I wanted to bring out what had, as yet, barely been glimpsed, the philosophy and multiple particularities of the sign,- local, because I have confined myself, for the modern part, to a single city and a provincial town [], Lyon." (Extract from the preface). Pages 395 to 448 contain a critical bibliography and iconography of signs in France and abroad. Chapter X deals with Lyonnais "beuverie" signs (alcohol, wine, beer); eccentric cabarets; bars; wine merchants; country cabarets and inns; Napoleonic signs; classic cafés and Lyonnais brasseries.
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