[Vivarais]. Set of 3 books on the massacre... - Lot 191 - Richard Maison de ventes

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[Vivarais]. Set of 3 books on the massacre... - Lot 191 - Richard Maison de ventes
[Vivarais]. Set of 3 books on the massacre of two Jesuit fathers in Aubenas in the 16th century: 1/ BLANC (Jules). Les martyrs d'Aubenas. Father Jacques Salès and Brother Guillaume Saultemouche, the first two martyrs of the Society of Jesus in France. February 7, 1593. Valence, Chez l'Auteur, 1906. One volume in-8 paperback. -Marginal foxing. XIII-(3)-334-(1) pp. 2 in-text portraits. First edition. 2/ (Aubenas). Martyrs d'Aubenas (Les). Triduum. Aubenas, November 26-28, 1926. S.l., A. Chauvin, s.d. [1926], in-8, 127-(4) pp. + 2 plates; paperback. Cover serves as title. First edition. Very rare. The CCFr. locates only one copy. Account of the celebrations held in Aubenas, under the auspices of the bishop of Viviers, in honor of Fathers Sales and Saultemonde, beatified a few months earlier. The work begins with a biography of the two blessed. 3/ PERROY (Père Henry). Two martyrs of the Eucharist. Le Père Jacques Salès et le Frère Guillaume Saultemouche de la Compagnie de Jésus. Lyon and Paris, Emmanuel Vitte, 1926. One volume in-12 paperback. 189-(2) pp. + 2 h.t. portraits + 6 h.t. plates. First edition. "Jacques Salès and Guillaume Saultemouche, coadjutor brother of the Society of Jesus, came to Aubenas to preach the Gospel. At a time of fractious strife, after arguing before the Protestants for the reality of the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist, they were put to death by them. Jacques Salès with a harquebus, Guillaume with a dagger. This took place on February 7, 1593. They were beatified by Pius XI on June 6, 1926, with the title "Martyrs of the Eucharist"". (Catholic Church in Ardèche).
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