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[Ardèche]. Lot of two works by MAZON , the... - Lot 277 - Richard Maison de ventes
[Ardèche]. Lot of two works by MAZON , the famous and popular doctor Francus: 1/ [MAZON (Albin)]. Voyage autour de Crussol par le Docteur Francus. Privas, Imprimerie Centrale, 1888, in-12, 286 pp; modern half-basin, ribbed spine, covers cons. Ext. margin of 1 f. slightly torn but not missing. First edition. Author's autograph letter on title page. Le Sourd, Mazon et son oeuvre n° 30 and p. 12: "Le Voyage autour de Crussol takes the reader for the first time to the Haut-Vivarais. At the beginning, Mr. Mazon gives interesting indications of his working methods and planned publications. As in previous volumes, there are a number of biographies, including those of M. Dode, deputy to the Estates General, and the historian Abbé Garnodier; details of social customs, such as a description of the "Surle" game that has flourished in Charmes for centuries; notes on the Crussols; and an overview of M. de Villeneuve-La-Roche's memoirs. de Villeneuve-La-Roche-Barnaud, from Saint-Péray, who emigrated and escaped the massacres at Quiberon; but of particular note is an important chapter on the ancient administrative divisions of the Vivarais." (Le Sourd). 2/ [MAZON (Albin)]. Voyage au pays helvien. By Dr. Francus. Privas, Imprimerie du "Patriote", 1885, in-12, 368 pp; paperback. Light stain on first cover, ex. unbound. Rare first edition. Le Sourd, Mazon et son oeuvre 25: "Le Voyage au pays helvien is limited to the region between Viviers and Largentière. It contains interesting details on the topography of Villeneuve de Berg and its local customs. The entire volume contains a fairly large number of biographies of Vivarois notables: Jean de Serres, Antoine Court et Court de Gébelin, the Barruels, J.-L. de Laboissière, S.-P. de Tavernol, Abbé Feuillade, Canon Rouchier, Jacques de Bane, Jacques and Marie de Romieu, Honoré Flaugergues, Abbé Barracand, and above all Viscount de Saint-Andéol, the archaeologist whose work M. Mazon lists and appreciates, and President Challamel. The latter, born in 1763, has left only unpublished manuscripts; his erudition has noticeably aged, and this fact in no way detracts from his merit. The author analyzes his works and reproduces his opinion on the origin of the States of Vivarais, an interesting, ingenious and unfounded opinion that M. Mazon was to contradict himself, after studying the subject, in his Essai sur le Vivarais pendant la guerre de Cent Ans (pp. 292-301)."
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