Large black silk faille coupon with gilt... - Lot 125 - Richard Maison de ventes

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Large black silk faille coupon with gilt... - Lot 125 - Richard Maison de ventes
Large black silk faille coupon with gilt ribbon coin head bearing the words, Paris-Louvre - Manufacture des grands magasins du Louvre - Circa 1870-1880. Complete with purplish and yellow selvedges. Probably produced by Manufacture Claude-Joseph Bonnet de Jujurieux for Paris-Louvre. The most famous dyer of black is François Gilet from Lyon, who worked for the Bonnet factory. In 1871, he developed a "black guaranteed for use" process based on metallic salts and tannin extracted from Mexican campêche, Brazilian quebracho and Bengal cachou. never used. Excellent condition. Complete in 13.80 meters by 62 cm wide. In his book Claude-Joseph Bonnet , Soierie et société à Lyon et en Bugey au XIXe siècle, Les assises de la renommée du Bugey à Lyon, 2003, p. 401, Henri Pansu states: "In 1869, the Lyon agent of Chauchard-Hériot (founders-managers of the Grands Magasins du Louvre) registered with the clerk of the Lyon Court the trademark for a black fabric bearing the inscriptions Paris-Louvre, Tissu et noir garantis à l'usage, Manufacture des Grands magasins du Louvre. These three marks were woven into the fabric, "the depositors reserving the right to modify and even replace the latter with that of a Lyon manufacturer...The finest and best known are molded and woven in the factories of C.J. Bonnet in Jujurieux".
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